What you need to know about hiring a company for pest control in homes

No matter what type of pests you currently have in your home, it pays to hire a company to get rid of them rather than trying to do it yourself.

Before you do, however, there are some things you should know when hiring a company for residential pest control. Things that will allow you to choose the most effective one for your specific home’s needs.

Choose the right type of protection from pests — While it may seem like a good idea to hire a company for a stand-alone pest control treatment only, in many cases it makes more sense to commit to a six-monthly service.

While a stand-alone service may eliminate pests from your home for now, in another six to twelve months at the most, many of them could be back. Sign up for a twice yearly pest control service, however, and you will end up with year-round pest protection.

The right service — If you do decide to choose an on-going pest control service, there will usually be several types to choose from depending on the company you hire.

Make your decision by asking how many types of pests each service covers, if it includes ant control. Or if your problem is with rodents, whether it covers mice, rats, and other types of rodent pests, and what methods are used.

Termites are always a separate service, but you might want to check whether the pest control service does this, as they may also provide inspections for peace of mind.

Does it cover your entire property? — The service for pest control in homes that you ultimately hire should include taking care of both the inside and outside of your property.

It should also include things like sheds, gardens, mailboxes, fences and children’s play equipment.

How many treatments does the service include? — Be sure you also know how many services a program will allow you to have every year. And whether the treatment is guaranteed – i.e. if you still notice a few pests after the treatment, will they come back and re-do the pest treatment for free?

Make sure no matter which service you choose the company will come at the times of year when there tend to be the most problems with pests. That way you can be sure your home will always be protected. If you are in Australia, check out pest control Eastern for detailed information.