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Recycling and Income Generation

It is in our tradition that we haul our waste, remove them out of our vicinity and dump them to a site. This is congruent with the philosophy, “out of sight”. As the population increases, the demand for the collection of waste and disposal increases. As a result, the solid waste management proposes to recycle the waste.

Through recycling, the non-biodegradable waste became a resource. It now conforms the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

There are now recycling centers that offer manufacturing, storage, and training for the community groups. It is believed that the center will serve as the place where to buy and sell recycled products. What are the sample products?

Plastics can be melted and turn into construction tiles or fence post and mold it into various sizes and shapes. This is better than to wait a hundred years for the plastics to decompose. More so, the communities are trained to reduce, reuse and recycle these plastics through crafting and weaving it into baskets.

Wastes are not wastes, after all, we can make it as a resource.